Shifting Ground
3rd – 13th December

Shifting Ground brings together six diverse Brisbane artists whose works address contemporary experiences of the landscape. Stepping in to the landscape to perform, interact, reflect and respond, these artists present new ways of seeing and experiencing the natural world. With a focus on intermedia dialogue and interventions in the conventional, Shifting Ground provides insight into contemporary Brisbane practitioners who critically approach and push the landscape genre.


Rachael Bartram
Mitchell Donaldson
Ricky Larry
Kay Lawrence
Sarah Poulgrain
Matthew Sneesby

Curated by Katelyn-Jane Dunn and Madeleine Keinonen

Laini Burton
15th October – 20th October

BELT gives form to the notion that life is a state of continual evolution and expansion, and proposes that we exist along a cosmic belt. By fate or by choice, we find ourselves experiencing limitations that are at times beyond our capacity to overcome. At the same time, these limitations can become the very source for our being in the world, even as they split us in two, into sometimes-irreconcilable states of desire and reality. This installation takes Inspiration from Davida Allen’s text The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood, and reflects upon competing roles that Burton herself occupies.

Enchanted Forest
Ann Russell
15th – 20th October

Ann Russell works with liminal spaces caught just outside ‘real’ existence, seen and simultaneously unseen. Her works are depictions of these spaces, often based on Surreal narratives using mixed media in a bricolage form; combining elements and symbols that retain some of their meaning from our world, juxtaposed with new meaning in the worlds Russell creates. Within the possibilities of these other worlds Russell aims to investigate transcendence, sacredness, memory, time and space. Russell tries to undo our understanding of the world and our existence in it as linear and rational; creating not just depictions of other worlds, but also ‘thinning the veil’ by creating portals through which the audience can move to these other places and dimensions.

Residual Risk
Robert Andrew
2nd October – 11th October

Within this exhibition Robert Andrew investigates the combination of contrasting natural and technology-based materials, to highlight the contradictions that exist within the duality of his combined background. The repurposing and merging of these disparate elements give the opportunity to talk about the conflict, as well as the strengths that have surfaced within moments of chance that will, or have, developed over time. Constantly cross-referencing many historical, cultural, political and personal events, the work explores components that have been ignored buried and distanced by the dominant paradigms of our western cultures.