Simon Degroot <i>Titanium Anvil</i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Surface Space </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Untitled </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Castle in the Air </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Things in Pieces </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Nephele </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Light Heavy </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Turbulence </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Reflections in Space </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Flower's Flower Colour </i> (2013) Simon Degroot <i> Flower's Flower Greyscale </i> (2013)

Simon Degroot
Titanium Anvil
17th May - 25th May

New work by Brisbane-based emerging artist, Simon Degroot.

This exhibition is a display of bright and colourful paintings of bulky shapes and translucent forms. Abstract compositions of mechanical fragments are painted in a graphic style and flat pinks and yellows are combined with chrome coloured bends and twists.

These new paintings display sophisticated and robust compositions where abstracted fragments are stripped of their original context and combined and restructured to evoke something familiar. The dis-assembly and re-assembly of familiar shapes refers to the disaggregation of the image as seen in the colour separation techniques of image reproduction used by commercial industry.

The production aesthetic and chrome coloured segments in these works are a reminder that art is a kind of forging device, a tool for personalizing the world around us, and a way of shaping our culture.

Digital catalogue available for download HERE