Nicola Scott <i> Best Time </i> (2013) Nicola Scott <i> Fall/Fail </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i> Corpus Chroma </i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Hair Stages </i> & <i> Worn Face </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i> The Narrator's Hand </i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i>Self and Self and Self </i> (2013) Nicola Scott <i> Potential </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i>Untitled </i> & <i> Self Portrait on the Verge </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i> The Flesh of the Page</i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Too Traditional</i> (detail) (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Call it a Day </i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Call it a Day </i> (detail) (2013) Nicola Scott <i>Failed Self Portrait </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i>Untitled </i> & <i> Untitled </i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i>Paint Failure </i> & <i> Fail Adjacent </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i> Untitled </i> (2013) Nicola Scott <i> Figure in Motion </i> (detail) (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Pink Face </i> & <i>Left </i> & <i> Right </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i> Pony Four Hours </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i>The Swan </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i>Untitled </i> (2013) Tyza Stewart <i>A Photo of Me Every Day </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i> <i>Untitled </i> & <i> Untitled </i> (2013) Lee Lombardi <i>The Book Keeper (Study)</i> (2013) Dana Lawrie <i> Taking Place </i> (2013)

15th September - 14th September

Selfiephilia merges four distinct practices that intervene in or expand the definition of what constitutes a contemporary self-portrait. Rather than seeking to resolve this categorical question, these artists push at the tensions and ambiguities it presents, pointing to an ultimate irreconcilability through both their methodological and conceptual approaches to the act and outcome of defining a 'self' visually. Blurring the boundaries between painting and other mediums, they ultimately investigate the ongoing experience of being and having a body today.


Dana Lawrie
Lee Lombardi
Nicola Scott
Tyza Stewart

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