<i>Gangland</i> (video still) (2012) <i>Glass Slumps #1-5</i> (2012) <i>Glass Slump #3</i> (2012) <i>Window through a loop</i> (2012) <i>Glass stuck in loop</i> (2012) <i>Wine bottles through a fan</i> (2012) <i>Window through a fence</i> (2012) <i>Detail of TV in a plant pot</i> (2012) <i>TV in a plant pot</i> (2012) <i>Wine bottle in the corner #1</i> (2012) <i>Melted window pane</i> (2012) <i>Window partly through fence</i> (2012) <i>TV in a plant pot</i> (2012) <i>Coopers through fan</i> (2012) <i>Water Fountain</i> (video still) (2012) <i>1/300th Tilted arc</i> (video still) (2012)

Theo Shields
Pure Response
18th July - 27th July

Edinburgh artist Theo Shields uses interisciplinary media including sculpture, video and photography to examine how materials behave and their importance in understanding the world around us. Through a considered process of experimentation, documentation and reduction, Shields' practice explores the tactility and malleability of the world in an age of digital connectivity.

Digital catalogue available for download HERE

Pure Response panel discussion with Theo Shields, Chris Bennie & Cameron Hope