Kathy Mackey <i>Family Slide Night #2</i> (2014) Mari Hirata (2014) Mari Hirata <i>Untitled</i> (2014) Mari Hirata <i>Untitled</i> (2014) Kathy Mackey <i>Family Slide Night #2</i> (2014) Alana Hampton <i>Banksia man was here <i> (2014) Alana Hampton <i>Grass torch<i> (2014) Mandana Mapar <i> Tehran: narratives of freedom</i> (2014) Mandana Mapar <i> Urban landscape / Southport</i> (2014) Mari Hirata <i>Fall</i> (2014) Mari Hirata <i>Moonlight Swim</i> (2014) Kathy Mackey <i>Family Slide Night #1</i> (2014) Kathy Mackey <i>Interior projection 1</i> (2014) Kathy Mackey <i>Interior projection 3</i> (2014) Mari Hirata <i>Untitled</i> (2014) Mandana Mapar <i> I see flowers in the sky</i> (2014)

Four Performative Acts of Photography
2nd - 12th April

Four photographers explore the performative and experimental aspects of their individual and collaborative practices. Using video, audio, sculpture and installation, audience members are invited to reconsider the temporal relationship between a photograph’s original moment of creation and its translation within a gallery context.


Alana Hampton
Mari Hirata
Mandana Mapar
Kathy Mackey