Kelly Hussey-Smith, <i> Stigma </i>, 2015 Kelly Hussey-Smith, <i> Nudgee Orphanage </i>, 2015 Kelly Hussey-Smith, <i> Michelle-Rose Turnbull</i>, 2015 Photobooks courtesy of <i>COMMON GROUND</i> Photobooks courtesy of <i>COMMON GROUND</i> Photobooks courtesy of <i>COMMON GROUND</i> Photobooks courtesy of <i>COMMON GROUND</i> David Lloyd (2015) David Lloyd <i>It Was A Time at Margate Beach</i> and <i>He Didn’t Even Kiss Me, Redcliffe Showgrounds</i> (2015) David Lloyd <i>And Then He Dumped Me Settlement Cove, Redcliffe</i> and <i>Doreen Lambert’s Grave, Redcliffe Cemetery</i> (2015) Rebecca Smith, <i> Untitled #1 </i> and <i> Untitled #2 </i>, 2015 Raphaela Rosella, 2015 Raphaela Rosella and Angela Blakely, 2015 Raphaela Rosella, 2015 Angela Blakely, 2015 Angela Blakely, <i>Elegy for Tom</i> and <i>Elegy for Norman</i>, from the series <i>Memorial Sites</i>, 2015 Martin Smith, 2015 Martin Smith, <i>A credible raconteur<i>, 2015 Martin Smith, <i>A credible raconteur<i> (detail), 2015 Ana Paula Estrada, <i>Shirley IV</i> from the series <i>Memorandum</i>, 2015

_ on this site: QLD
8th - 12th September

__ on this site, initiated by Kristian Haggblom of Wallflower Photomedia Gallery, is an Australia-wide project that invites photomedia practitioners to respond to a common ‘site’. Drawing on Joel Sternfeld’s seminal text of the same name, __ on this site explores how practitioners use photography to interpret stories of place. The Queensland iteration of the project has been initiated by Kelly Hussey-Smith and features the work of Angela Blakely, Rebecca Smith, Raphaela Rosella, David Lloyd, Ana Paula Estrada, Martin Smith, and Kelly Hussey-Smith, who have each produced work in response to the northern bayside suburbs of Brisbane. The resulting works do not attempt to define the region, but instead reveal what there holds meaning for each artist.

As part of the __ on this site exhibition, Common Ground will present a selection of contemporary photobooks by women artists responding to ideas of place. Examining themes of tourism, transformation, cycles, intervention and more, this selection will draw upon __ on this site's examination of physical space, and the ways in which women artists have surveyed and navigated their environments over time.

The artists wish to thank Wallflower Photomedia Gallery for their support.