Anya Swan <i>Onlookers and the good diver</i> (2014) James Barth (2014) James Barth <i> Self portrait (torn)</i> (2014) James Barth <i> Garden (torn)</i> (2014) Anya Swan <i>Ana-H vs Narkissus vs bored person</i> (2014) Naomi O'Reilly <i>Emanate:Exterior</i> (2014) Naomi O'Reilly <i>Emanate:Exterior</i> (2014) Naomi O'Reilly <i>Emanate:Exterior</i> (2014) Marisa Culpo <i>Soivenir blue</i> (2014) James Barth <i> Overly Romantic</i> (2014) Lilly Heenan (2014) Spencer Harvie (2014) Spencer Harvie (2014) Spencer Harvie (2014) Spencer Harvie (2014) Anya Swan <i>The basin, not the answer</i> (2014) Naomi O'Reilly <i>Emanate:Evaluate</i> (2014) Naomi O'Reilly <i>Emanate:Evaluate (waist:torso)</i> (2014) Spencer Harvie <i>Hammer and boxes</i> (2014) Lilly Heenan <i>Lillian</i> (2014) Aishla Manning <i>False Constraints</i> (2014) Aishla Manning (2014) Aishla Manning <i>Suck</i> (2014)

Odd Home
9th July - 12th July

Merging eight diverse practices, Odd Home will attempt to reclaim and reform a variety of ingrained cultural norms. Each artist in this exhibition seeks to critically deconstruct long held conventions through their individual arts practice. These artists will consider the association and the distance between reality and imagination, normality and discomfort, group-held beliefs and their alternatives. Working with materials such as everyday objects and pop-culture imagery, these artists attempt to draw a closer relationship between their immediate surroundings and their criticisms of contemporary urban life.


James Barth
Marisa Culpo
Spencer Harvie
Lilly Heenan
Aishla Manning
Naomi O’Reilly
Anya Swan
Trevor Tierney

Digital catalogue available for download HERE