Freda Davies <i> Matleas Gate</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Northcote Gate</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Anne Marie's Window</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> What I remember of the stairs at school</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> Shower</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home I)</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Blue Fence</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home II)</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> Just Before</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Garden Window</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home III)</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Backyard Breeze Brick</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> Borrowed Image</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home IV)</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> Construction</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home VI)</i> (2015) Freda Davies <i> Backyard Breeze Brick</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> The Bird's Gone</i> (2015) Lucy Anderson <i> Untitled (home VII)</i> (2015) Haruka Sawa <i> Pegboard</i> (2015)

Near and Present
Lucy Anderson | Freda Davies | Haruka Sawa
30th September - 10th October

There is a mystery to why a subject is chosen and how it comes into being.

As the written word in a novel may help to deepen our understanding of a scenario, paint can be used to explore what our eyes and minds do not immediately see. The process of painting helps reveal something in a subject that might otherwise slip by silently.

By taking the time to pause and observe the simplicity of the everyday, artists Lucy Anderson, Freda Davies and Haruka Sawa seek to find a beauty within banality.