Mitchell Donaldson <i>I Cried</i> (2013) Mitchell Donaldson <i>I Cried</i> (detail) (2013) Mitchell Donaldson <i>I Cried</i> (detail) (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Landscape Fragments</i> (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Under Over</i> (2013) Mitchell Donaldson <i>Nevermind</i> (2013) Ali Bezer <i>Sound-Form 1</i> (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Still Life</i> (2013) Ali Bezer <i>Sound-Form 2</i> (2013) Emma Leslie <i>This... (#14)</i> (2013) Emma Leslie <i>This... (#15)</i> (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Gardening</i> (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Still Life with Rocks</i> (2013) Genevieve Reynolds <i>Napoleon as Red Canary</i> (2013) Jared Worthington <i>Albaboss</i> (detail) (2013) Jared Worthington <i>Albaboss</i> (detail) (2013) Jess Quinn <i>Lone Rider</i> (2013) Jess Quinn <i>Self Portrait (Running Dog)</i> (2013)

Mortal, Immortal
18th April - 27th April

DIAGRAM presents ‘Mortal, Immortal’, an exhibition of contemporary reflections on mortality from the perspectives of six visual artists. The manifestations of these reflections vary from humble introspection, paranoia and explorations of destruction to joyful celebrations of youth, potential and the sensorial; colour, sound and light. The high drama of this classical theme is tempered by the acknowledgement of everyday reality, the calm of academic enquiry and the intimacy of personal gesture.


Ali Bezer
Mitchel Donaldson
Emma Leslie
Jess Quinn
Genevieve Reynolds
Jared Worthington

Digital catalogue available for download HERE

Jared Worthington Albaboss (2013)