David Don <i> Photo</i> (2015) David Don <i> Photo (detail)</i> (2015) David Don <i> Rule #1, #2, #3</i> (2015) David Don <i> Rule #2</i> (2015) David Don <i> Rule #1</i> (2015) David Don <i> Vortex</i> (2015) David Don <i> Vortex</i> (video still) (2015)

David Don
30th September - 10th October

Space is intrinsic to life. Space materialises as the channel between experiences. This channel is whole, maintaining the existence of both control and chaos operating as singular entities. Control is the physical manifestation of space control is the physicality of our being, of what we create. Chaos is a non-physical space chaos is the underlying component of our being. Most significant to our being are the physical spaces we occupy and our memory that defines our experience within these spaces.