Peter Kozak, <i>Ghosts</i> (installation detail), 2015, video/sound installation. Peter Kozak, <i>Ghosts</i> (still), 2015, video/sound installation.

Peter Kozak
18th March - 4th April

Ghosts is a response to the murders of Sophie Collombet, Eunji Ban, Min Tae Kim and Meenatchi Narayanan - all foreign exchange students who were murdered in Brisbane between November 2013 and March 2014, and the continued efforts of Brisbane Universities to promote themselves to foreign students despite the killings.

Taking place beneath a fire-damaged bridge in Toronto, Kozak’s video performance uses gestures from striptease and bullfighting to subvert the function of a shirt that was designed to be used as a promotional tool. Divorced from their original context, these movements become haunting and sinister - combining seduction with the threat or suggestion of harm.

Peter Kozak | Ghosts Installation Excerpt