Jessie Nash <i></i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i></i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i>Lonely via webcam</i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i></i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i>Afterwards</i> (2015) Jack MItchell <i>Wednesday Afternoons, Thursday Mornings</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i></i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Perky</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Scoliosis Girl and Dog</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Untitled</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i></i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Oh Yeah</i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i></i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i>Handbag and iPhone</i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i>Pink</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Canoe boys's creepy older brother</i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i>Untitled</i> (2015) Jessie Nashl <i>Exhausted Jessie in Bed</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i>Chirper</i> (2015) Jack Mitchell <i></i> (2015) Jessie Nash <i></i> (2015)

Gap Fillers
Jessie Nash & Jack Mitchell
14th October - 17th October

An exhibition of recent works by emerging Brisbane artists Jessie Nash and Jack Mitchell exploring the tenuous boundaries between familiar and foreign in real and virtual social landscapes. Using friends, acquaintances and strangers as their subjects they employ observation and speculation to create portraits which ‘fill the gaps’ in unknown narratives. Through their respective contemporary painting practices, they seek to question the truth of representation and reveal something of the characters in our lives which often go unnoticed/slip between the gaps.