Ben Shih, <i>Giselle, Act II (dancers right)</i>, 2015, Aerosol, acrylic on paper Ben Shih, <i>Untitled (diptych)</i>, 2015, Aerosol on paper Ben Shih, <i>Dance with me</i>, 2015, Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas Ben Shih, <i>Red men over the bridge</i>, 2015, Oil on canvas paper Ben Shih, <i>Frenzy</i>, 2015, Mixed Media on board Eric Sesto, <i>Burnt To A Crisp (Volumes 1-3)</i>, 2015, Watercolour, coloured pencil and acrylic on watercolour paper Eric Sesto, <i>Stranger</i>, 2015, Oil on board Eric Sesto, <i>The World Forgets Itself (Volumes 1-3)</i>, 2015, Pastel, aerosol,acrylic and coloured pencil on watercolour paper Eric Sesto, <i>Unholy</i>, 2015, Oil on board

Eric Sesto & Ben Shih
19th - 22nd August

FRENZY explores tensions born from counter-culture and individualism in a world thatís a half-heartedly open minded and full-heartedly a worshipper of the norms. This displacement breeds a new palette of colour, a new attitude to form and a new sense of balance in composition governed by the truth of the inner realm. FRENZY channels art born of intuition, prioritising the human impulse to make oneís mark rather than to claim grandeur; essentially retreating back to the primal urges of caveman painting.