Samantha Adams <i> Untitled Collection </i> (2009-2012) Peter Ward <i> House Ghosts </i> (2013) Oliver Hew <i> Untitled </i> (2013) Katelyn-Jane Dunn <i> Field Notes </i> (2013) Chelsea Miller <i> Tittering </i> (2013)

First Light
5th June - 9th June

A photography exhibition featuring twenty-six students from the Queensland College of Art, exploring a range of topics through contemporary photographic art practice.


Sam Adams
Alice Alderman
Jaala Alex
Jacqueline Bawtree
Jessica Bell
Cherie Blyth
Anna Birkett
Jess Collins
Helen Corr
Lesley Denny
Melissa Doolan
Zara Duffy
Katelyn-Jane Dunn
Andrew Ellery
Anna Gee
Adam Michael Green
Oliver Hew
Gareth Manson
Ashleigh May
Jeorgia McManus
Chelsea Miller
Kelly Morgan
Chris Taylor
Adam Thomas
Eva Turek-Jewes
Peter Ward