A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing
5th December - 14th December

Archer Davies
Altogether Elsewhere
8th November - 16th November

Echo and Geniculum
8th November - 16th November

For Want of a Better Word
25th October - 2nd November

Chris Bennie
4th October - 19th October

Surface Tension
18th September - 28th September

5th September - 14th September

you & I: thoughts on intimacy
15th August - 31st August

Middle Ground
1st August - 10th August

Theo Shields
Pure Response
18th July - 27th July

Zoe Porter
BÍte Noire
3rd July - 13th July

Nathan Corum
Cinema Faux Ever
25th June - 29th June

Amalia Kidd
close knit
13th June - 22nd June

First Light
5th June - 9th June

Simon Degroot
Titanium Anvil
17th May - 25th May

Mortal, Immortal
18th April - 27th April

2 Big 2 Fail
26th March - 13th April

FIELD: contemporary landscape
1st March - 17th March