Mara Quin <i> Domestic Fragments </i> (2014) Mara Quin <i> Domestic Fragments </i> (2014) Rachel Matthews-Fredrick <i> Untitled TEXT </i> (2014) Alice Nelson <i> Domestic Fragments </i> (2014) Bennett Gordon <i> Self portrait #1-04 </i> (2014) Bennett Gordon <i> Self portrait #3 </i> (2014) Julia Sirianni <i> (Political Bodies) Untitled </i> (2014) Lucy Achurh-Guth <i> Untitled </i> (2014) Rabin Sherchan <i> Drawing Machine #1 (detail) </i> (2014) Gerard Murphy <i> Untitled </i> (2014) Rachel Matthews-Fredrick <i> Recurrence  </i> (2014) Miranda Hine <i> Tissue works x100  </i> (2014) Miranda Hine <i> Tissue works x100 (detail)  </i> (2014) Miranda Hine <i> Tissue works x100 (detail)  </i> (2014) Saskia Levy <i> High heels in the dead sea,  Heavy burden,  Woman  </i> (2014) Saskuia Gilmour <i> Untitled </i> (2014) Julia Siriannir <i> Untitled Text (talking in his sleep) </i> (2014) Corinne Sylvie <i> Untitled (calm/laugh/hurt) </i> (2014) Corinne Sylvie <i> Untitled (calm/laugh/hurt) (detail) </i> (2014) Corinne Sylvie <i> Untitled (front door/backdoor/kitchen sink) </i> (2014) Amy Parkinson <i> Untitled </i> (2014) Hannah Headrick <i> Disorganized </i> (2014) Beth Preston <i> TEXT </i> (2014) Soriya Warren <i> Political bodies, dismantled bodies </i> (2014) Hailey Atkims  <i> Align (detail) </i> (2014) Hailey Atkims  <i> Align (detail) </i> (2014) Hailey Atkims  <i> Align (detail) </i> (2014) Hailey Atkims  <i> Align (detail) </i> (2014)

drawing {A,B}
29th October - 8th November

Curated by Bill Platz and Kellie O'Dempsey, this exhibition brings together a collection of contemporary artists that have chosen to interrogate pedagogies of drawing. Deploying collaboration, lens-based practices, time-based practices, performance drawing, automatic processes, experimental materials and other critical and expanded drawing methods, these artists are actively writing, reforming and subverting the disciplinary limitations and expectations of university drawing.

Featuring work by:
Lucy Achurch-Guth
Adam Anderson
Chase Archer
Rebecca Austin
Bec Bailey
Peter England
Brodie Gardener
Saskia Gilmour
Bennett Gordon
Hannah Headrick
Miranda Hine
Saskia Levy
Rachel Matthews-Frederick
Gerard Murphy
Alice Nelson
Amy Parkinson
Beth Preston
Mara Quinn
Rabin Sherchan
Julia Sirianni
Karen Stephens
Corinne Sylvie
Rachael Tanner
Soriya Warren