<i> This Is... </i> (2009-2013) <i> This Is... </i> and <i> Exit </i> (2009-2013) <i> Decisive Sculpture</i> (2009-2013) <i> Beam </i> (2009-2013) <i> Sixth Threshold </i> (2009-2013) <i> Sixth Threshold </i> (2009-2013) <i> Popcorn </i> (2009-2013) <i> Cinema Concrete</i> (2009-2013) <i> Cinema Concrete </i> and <i> Navigational Device </i> (2009-2013) <i> Double Feature </i> (2009-2013) <i> Trailer </i> (2009-2013) <i> Hooked to the Silver Screen... </i> (2009-2013) <i> Confectionary </i> (2009-2013) <i> Highly Collectible Movie Poster Taped </i> (2009-2013) <i> The Fourth Threshold </i> (2009-2013) <i> Silver Screen </i> (2009-2013) <i> Original Motion Picture Soundtrack </i> (2009-2013)

Nathan Corum
Cinema Faux Ever
25th June - 29th June

This exhibition explored the texture of cinema, the location of the cinema as a site for shared experience and the importance of cinematic spaces within a contemporary saturated visual environment. These works invited the viewer to re-examine the components and concepts of cinematic space, with a renewed conceptual arrangement of aesthetic elements.

Corum's work is produced through a disassembly, reduction and abstraction methodology, which is realized through bricolage, photography, sculpture and installation. The resulting pieces either transcend the materials used in their construction, acknowledge and exploit them, or incorporate aspects of both.

Digital zine available for download HERE