<i> The Great Wall II</i> (2013) <i> In the Karaoke</i> (2013) <i> Water Land in the Mountain</i> (2014) <i> 5.00pm in Tiananmen Square</i> (2013) <i> The Guy Selling Chicken</i> (2014) <i> Under the Mao Picture</i> (2014) <i> The Great Wall I</i> (2013) <i> Guilin</i> (2014) <i> Winter in Tiananmen Square</i> (2013) <i> Driving through Tiananmen Square</i> (2013) <i> Big Fish</i> (2014)

China - Back and Forth
Jun Chen
28th May - 31st May

Jun Chen presents a new body of work in his solo exhibition China - Back and Forth. Chen's impasto oil paintings depict various landscapes and scenes captured during his time between China and Australia.

Chen emigrated to Australia in 1989 and lives and works in Brisbane. He first exhibited with Ray Hughes Gallery in 2007 and was involved in 'Three Australian Painters' convened at the Guanshanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen. Chen is an accomplished portraitist having been hung in Archibalds with portraits of friends Ian Smith and Joe Furlonger, his dealer, Ray Hughes and most recently John Yue.

China - Back and Forth is presented in association with The Hughes Gallery.