Laini Burton, <i>BELT</i> (detail), 2014, installation. Laini Burton, <i>Poly-Heart #2</i> from 'BELT', 2014, ABS Plastic. Laini Burton, <i>Heart #1</i> from 'BELT', 2014, ABS Plastic. Laini Burton, <i>BELT</i> (detail), 2014, installation.

Laini Burton
15th October - 20th October

BELT gives form to the notion that life is a state of continual evolution and expansion, and proposes that we exist along a cosmic belt. By fate or by choice, we find ourselves experiencing limitations that are at times beyond our capacity to overcome. At the same time, these limitations can become the very source for our being in the world, even as they split us in two, into sometimes-irreconcilable states of desire and reality. This installation takes Inspiration from Davida Allenís text The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood, and reflects upon competing roles that Burton herself occupies.