Carolyn Tu, <i>Melancholia</i>, 2015, cartridge paper cut-out Bernice Choong, <i>Brown Paper Bag</i>, 2015, charcoal, cardboard, paper bags, pencil Kate Kathage, <i>Leben Schiffes</i>, 2015, mixed media on watercolour paper Ichsani Lorentzen, <i>Lanscape</i>, 2015, inkjet prints Isabelle Ng, <i>Etiquette</i>, 2015, enamel on canvas, bobby pins Olivia Rea, <i>Anxiety</i>, 2015, mixed media animation Catherine Nguyen, <i>Appearances</i>, 2015, inkjet prints, digital image alterations Nina Cehak, <i>Thumbnail</i>, digital video Nina Cehak, <i>Thumbnail</i>, inkjet prints Navaz Illava, <i>Two Steps Forward One Step Back</i>, 2015, digital videos Rei Eba, <i>Two Minds</i>, 2015, ink and watercolour on wood, photographs on metal Jim Kelly, <i>Resting Faces</i>, 2015, black fine line marker on watercolour paper Amelia Baker, <i>Strange Skin</i>, 2015, inkjet pritnts Kelci Conradsen, <i>Faux</i>, 2015, mixed media light boxes Felicity Haworth, <i>Rot</i>, 2015, ink and gloss on cardboard, digital projection

The Peter and Julie Bellas Art Bursary Award
11th - 20th June

The Peter and Julie Bellas Art Bursary was established in 2007 and is awarded annually to three Brisbane State High Students in year 12 who wish to pursue study in the Visual Arts beyond school. Students nominating for the award must satisfy this criteria.

The bursary consists of an interstate trip aimed at extending the student's experience.

Brisbane State High School wishes to acknowledge the generous support of Peter and Julie in establishing this bursary and providing such a great opportunity for our students.

Felicity Haworth
Jim Kelly
Olivia Rea
Icshani Lorentzen
Navaz Illava
Nina Cehak
Bernice Choong
Amelia Baker
Kelci Conradsen
Rei Eba
Kate Kathage
Catherine Nguyen
Carolyn Tu
Isabelle Ng

Digital catalogue available for download HERE