<i> Under the Sun (portrait of the artist's parents on their property in Maleny) </i> (2013) <i> Street Study </i> (2013) <i> Dozy Boogie </i> & <i> Cyclone in Maleny </i> (2012 & 2013) <i> Street Corner </i> (2013) <i> Rare Groove</i> (2012) <i> Continue </i> (2013) <i> Dan & Linda in the Summertime </i> (2013) <i> Altogether Elsewhere</i> (2013) <i> Continue </i> (2013) <i> Untitled (Nat) </i> (2013) <i> Untitled (Marty) </i> (2013) <i> Untitled (Nat) </i> (2013) <i> Portrait of an Artist and his Dog </i> (2013) <i> Meeting Room </i> (detail) (2013) <i> Meeting Room </i> (detail) (2013) <i> Meeting Room </i> (detail) (2013) <i> Meeting Room </i> (detail) (2013) <i> Meeting Room </i> (detail) (2013) <i> A Place for Everything #2 </i> & <i> Milena (in front of Watteau) </i> (2013) <i> Dream Girl </i> (2013) <i> Home </i> (2013)

Archer Davies
Altogether Elsewhere
20th November - 30th November

Altogether Elsewhere is a solo exhibition of new paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures by Archer Davies. This exhibition will include works created both in the artistís Brisbane studio and during his recent residency in Philadelphia.

Digital catalogue available for download HERE

Nat Koyama and Ryuji Takahara discuss Altogether Elsewhere