Athena Thebus <i> Always Sunny</I> (2013) Jared Worthington <i> Playroom</I> (2013) Llewellyn Millhouse <i> Fantasy Space</I> (2013) Llewellyn Millhouse <i> Fantasy Space</I> (2013) Karl Shoobridge <i> Building a Lego Set For Fun</I> (2013) Athena Thebus <i> Punching Blinds</I> (2013) Athena Thebus <i> Punching Blinds</I> (2013) Athena Thebus <i> Plastic Palms</I> (2013) Athena Thebus <i> Plastic Palms</I> (2013) Angelica Roache-Wilson <i> Workout Routine #1 </I>and <i> Ripped Lady</i> (2013) Nathan Corum <i> Coming Soon...</I> (2013) Angelica Roache-Wilson <i> Sick Tan</I> (2013) Angelica Roache-Wilson <i> Two Dudes</I>, <i> Legs</i> and <i>A Ripped Grin</i> (2013) Karl Shoobridge <i> Abstract Conceptual Beauty</I> (2013) Nathan Corum <i> Confectionary</I> (2012-2013) Angelica Roache-Wilson <i> Bicep</I> and <i> Six-Pack</i> (2012 and 2013)

2 Big 2 Fail
26th March - 13th April

Six interdisciplinary artists explore aspects of mass culture, consumption and power.


Nathan Corum
Llewellyn Millhouse
Angelica Roache-Wilson
Karl Shoobridge
Athena Thebus
Jared Worthington

Curated by Luke Kidd & Kylie Spear

Digital catalogue available for download HERE

Video documentation of the exhibition by Chris Bennie

Jared Worthington Playroom (2013)